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China-Nigeria Culture Exchanges

1. In October 2014, CCC held TMC training courses and lectures.

2. In October 2014, CCC organized the Chinese Film Week.  

3. In September 2014, CCC celebrated the 1 year anniversary and held the Chinese Proficiency Competition.

4. In September 2014, Chinese Zodiac won five awards, including Best Feature Film at Abuja International Film Festival 2014.

5. In July 2014, Nanjing delegation attended the 2014 African Arts and Crafts Expo (AFAC).

6. In May 2014, CCC held martial art and calligraphy teaching classes, and held activities for celebrating World Tai Chi Month at the Millennium Park.

7.In March 2014, the Chinese Cultural Center launched the China Salon program.

8. In January 2014, the Chinese Cultural Center celebrated Chinese New Year.

9. In November 2013, two more Confucius schools were established.

10. In November 2013, Jilin delegation attended the 2013 Abuja Canival.

11. In October 2013, the second edition of the Nigerian Cultural Week in China was held in Nanjing, and Edem Duke paid a courtesy visit to China.

12. In September 2013, the Chinese Cultural Center in Nigeria opens.

13. In September 2013, Zhang Dejiang, chairman of the NPC Standing Committee, attended the opening ceremony of the Chinese Cultural Center in Nigeria, the 14th overseas cultural center established by China's government.

14. In July 2013, Nigerian President Goodluck Jonathan paid a visit to China, with Edem Duke as one member of the delegation. Nigeria and China signed a bilateral agreement for the prevention of the theft, the clandestine excavation and illicit import and export of cultural property between the two countries.

15. In June 2013, Invited by Cai Wu, the Minister of Culture of PRC, the Minister of Tourism, Culture and National Orientation, Edem Duke attends the "4th International Festival of Intangible Cultural Heritage, Chengdu, China".















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