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Statement by Press Secretary of the Embassy of China in Nigeria

On April 27, 2020, some Nigerian media reported that "a coalition of Nigerian legal practitioners has filed a class action against the People's Republic of China over the effects of the Coronavirus pandemic on Nigerians."

Since the outbreak of COVID-19, in an open, transparent and responsible spirit, China has taken the most comprehensive, rigorous and thorough measures to contain its spread and conduct international cooperation. In this process, China has made tremendous sacrifices, accumulated valuable experience, and made significant contributions to the global response. The international community bears witness to and applauds China's efforts and progress.

The virus is a common enemy to all mankind and may strike anytime, anywhere. Like other countries, China is also a victim, not a perpetrator, even less an accomplice of COVID-19.

In the face of major public health crises and infectious diseases, the international community should stand in solidarity and work together, not resort to mutual accusation or demand retribution and accountability. As we recall, there has never been any precedence of the latter.

Currently, China is standing together with Nigeria in the global fight against Covid-19. Our people are joining hands to overcome the current difficulties.

Attacking and discrediting other countries will not save the time and lives lost. At this critical moment, we urge that some Nigerian legal practitioners will do more things to enhance mutual trust and help epidemic prevention and control in both countries, rather than dancing to the tune of a certain country to hype up the situation.

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