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Remarks by Ambassador Zhou Pingjian of China at the Forum on Industrial Capacity Cooperation between Hebei Province and Kaduna State

(July 19 2017, Kaduna, Nigeria)

Your Excellency Governor Nasir Ahmed El-Rufai of Kaduna State,

Your Excellency Vice Governor Wang Xiaodong of Heibei Province,

Ladies and Gentlemen, Dear friends,

It is my great pleasure to witness that the KH+ Project(Kaduna State and Heibei Province Plus CCECC) has been progressing well through joint efforts of all parties. Governor El-Rufai paid a successful visit to Hebei two months ago. And today Vice Governor Wang Xiaodong is here in Kaduna the Center of Learning heading Hebei Provincial delegation. On behalf of the Chinese Embassy in Nigeria, I wish Hebei delegation a fruitful visit and this Forum on Industrial Capacity Cooperation a full success.

China and Nigeria, both large developing countries, regard each other as important strategic cooperation partners.The friendship and cooperation between China and Nigeria including the follow through on the outcomes of the Johannesburg Summit of the Forum on China-Africa Cooperation (FOCAC) have delivered tangible benefits to our two peoples.According to the latest global Country Ratings Poll conducted by GlobeScan/PPC for the BBC World Service, 83% of Nigerian respondents hold positive views about China.That is the highest number among 19 sample countries.Indeed, with the remarkably strengthened political mutual trust, high economic complementarity, and wide public support for bilteral relations between China and Nigeria there, we now face an unprecedented strategic opportunity to better synergize our respective development strategy and deepen win-win cooperation for common development.

Africa has been a priority area for China’s international industrial capacity cooperation and China-Nigeria cooperaton has been a pacesetter in this regard. China has become Nigeria’s largest project contractor, second largest trading partner and major source of investment. As the world’s largest manufacturing country and second largest economy, China sincerely hopes to share its experience with Nigeria and stands ready to provide capital, technology and personnel in support of Nigeria’s industrialization. The “Made-in-Nigeria” project will go a long way for Nigeria and an initiative of “Made-in-Nigeria with China” might be of some help. 

In strengthening its industrial capacity cooperation with Nigeria, China will stick to the balanced approach to interests and principles proposed by President Xi Jinping. We will try our best to accommodate the practical difficulties of Nigeria and give it necessary financing and other support. The Chinese government asks Chinese enterprises doing business in Nigeria to observe the local laws and regulations, live in amity with the local people and contribute to the economic and social devevlopment of the local communities. We will also stick to the principles of win-win cooperation, openness, inclusiveness, and market-based operation.

One of the targets of Nigeria ERGP (Economic Recovery and Growth Plan) is to achieve a top 100 ranking in the World Bank’s Ease of Doing Business Index by 2020 up from the current ranking of 169. As we Chinese often say to build the nest to attract phoenixes, China is willing to assist Nigeria in creating a more enabling business environment by strengthening policy coordination, technological standardization cooperation and even wider participation in infrastructural development in Nigeria. The Chinese diplomatic missions in Nigeria will work hard to build connections for competitive and credible enterprises and offer them sound guidance and services. These include better information support and consular protection to uphold their lawful and legitimate rights and interests abroad.

Dear Friends,

Hebei Province has long been strong in industries, boasting abundant capacity, advanced technologies and sophisticated managerial expertise in iron and steel, cement, glass, photovoltaic and other areas.Kaduna State is well endowed with human and natural resources and ranks high in Nigeria in terms of agricultral and industrial development.The good people of Kaduna is making Kaduna great again. CCECC enjoys deep roots and wide connections both here in Nigeria and back home in China so it could play a unique role in facilitating exchanges and cooperation between local governments and enterprises. When everybody adds wood to the fire, the flame will go higher. It is our sincere hope that the KH+ Project will make futher progress and bring about more tangible outcomes.

Thank you.


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