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Chinese, Nigerian presidents hold talks on ties


Beijing, July 10, Chinese President Xi Jinping on Wednesday held talks with visiting Nigerian President Goodluck Jonathan on strengthening bilateral partnership and China-Africa relations.

Xi applauded the good development of China-Nigeria ties in recent years and stressed that China is ready to further enhance mutually beneficial cooperation so as to better benefit the two peoples.

The two countries should strengthen high-level communication, further mutual understanding and support on issues involving their national core interests and deepen political trust and cooperation, Xi said.

He also called on both sides to promote exchanges in various departments and levels so as to learn governance experience from each other.

To promote common development, the president said, China and Nigeria can strengthen pragmatic cooperation in the fields of infrastructure, trade, investment, energy, aerospace, agriculture, construction of economic cooperation zones, defense and security.

China will continue to make efforts to balance bilateral trade and train talents for Nigeria, Xi said, calling on Nigeria to create favorable conditions and a fair environment for Chinese companies.

Xi said the two countries should expand cultural exchanges to consolidate the friendship between the two peoples.

He suggested the two sides enhance cooperation and exchanges in terms of sports, media, colleges and universities, think-tanks and the youth, and guarantee the security and legitimate rights of each other's citizens and institutions.

On international and regional cooperation, Xi said the two countries should beef up coordination in the United Nations and the World Trade Organization, so as to safeguard their common interests.

He noted that Africa has a bright future for development, the destiny of China and Africa being bound together.

China will unswervingly carry on the traditional friendship and enhance cooperation with Africa, he vowed, adding that China will always be a reliable friend and partner for Africa.

China will work with African nations, including Nigeria, to comprehensively implement the results of the fifth ministerial meeting of the Forum on China-Africa Cooperation, so as to advance the new type of China-Africa strategic partnership, he said.

Jonathan agreed on Xi's suggestions of developing bilateral relations.

He said Nigeria and China enjoy broad common interests and have great potential for cooperation.

Nigeria is committed to developing friendly ties with China and is ready to work with China to improve the cooperative mechanism and expand mutually beneficial cooperation, said Jonathan.

He voiced appreciation for China's long-term support for Africa, saying it has promoted peace, stability and development in the continent.

Nigeria is willing to join hands with China to push for new achievements in Africa-China cooperation, according to Jonathan.

After the talks, the leaders attended the signing ceremony of a number of cooperative documents, covering areas including the economy and trade, finance and culture.

Jonathan is on a state visit to China from July 9 to 12.

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