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Process of Application for Chinese Visa

Process of Application for Chinese Visa

Step 1: Visa Appointment

To start the whole process, the applicant (or someone on behalf) shall firstly make an appointment for visa interview on Tuesday or Thursday from 3pm to 5pm, except public holidays, with all supporting documents as required.

Step 2: Visa Interview

At the appointed date, the applicant himself or herself (except for holders of diplomatic and official passports) should come to the Embassy for visa interview. The applicant who fails the interview would be rejected. And those who pass the interview would get a pick-up form which specifies a date of visa collection. However, to pass the interview does not necessarily mean that the applicant could obtain a visa.

All cases, involving with presentation of forged or fake document would be reported to the Nigerian government through diplomatic channel, in addition to not being qualified for Chinese visa again.

Step 3: Payment and Collection

At the date of visa collection, the applicant (or someone on behalf) should come to the Embassy with the pick-up form, to check the final result. The applicant, who get granted visa, should pay his or her visa fee with a valid debit card or ATM card, before picking up his or her passport. The applicant who is not granted visa could directly get back his or her passport without paying fees.

Please note that cash is NOT acceptable for visa fees payment.

The prescribed fees may be levied by the Embassy according to the relevant laws and regulations. The prescribed fees include visa fee and express fee. Please check the "Important Notices" column for the standard of visa charges. The Embassy does not charge fees other than the stipulated one. What the applicants pay for the Nigerian banking service does not belong to the Embassy's prescribed fees.

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